24-Hour Service — All Brands

Whether you have a new unit or an older system that requires more attention, KP Heating and Cooling offers 24-hour emergency service on all brands and models of furnaces and air conditioners.

HVAC systems also benefit from routine maintenance by increasing their life, efficiency and overall quality, and therefore the air they circulate. Our industry knowledge allows us to service units from every brand on the market and make recommendations on how you can get the most out of your system.






It’s important that the products in your home fit your lifestyle and your budget. It also helps to know that the products are reliable and supported by experts who can provide you with both comfort and peace of mind. In the case of a HVAC replacement or new construction installation, KP Heating and Cooling will work with you to determine the system will work best suit your needs to deliver comfort and quality in your home.







The KP Heating and Cooling team has the experience and expertise to plan and execute large commercial HVAC jobs. HVAC in a commercial building is different than in a home, but the goals of heating, cooling and overall air quality remain the same. We have the ability to determine the size and type of system that will be best-suited for your site, providing long-lasting comfort and quality to you, your employees and your customers.







When it comes time to replace your HVAC system, we will work with you to determine the system that will work best for your home and family. KP Heating and Cooling will remove the old unit and efficiently install the new unit, so you’re back up and running as fast as possible.







New Construction & Remodels

If a new HVAC system is in the plans for a new build or home remodeling project, KP Heating and Cooling will help you decide on most efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling solution for your home.